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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

Representative - IE Kariachkina I.V. (Sole Proprietor), operator of Client - an individual entering into the Agreement with the Representative. The Agreement is a contract of commission with all binding documents related to it, concluded between the Client and the Representative on the terms of this Offer. Contract - the contract of the assignment, published on the Representative's Website. Service - the service of the Executor, information about which, terms of its provision, characteristics and cost are published on the Representative's Website. The service is not a tourist product. Services may include accommodation services in the hotel, excursion services, and other related services. Order - agreed by the parties to the Client's request to receive the Service. The Client's order is an addendum to the contract. The Executor is the third person providing the Services. IE Kariachkina I.V. is not a person rendering services. The Site, the Representative's Website - the Representative's website on the Internet at used for providing the Client with information about the Services available, placing the offer, payment for the Services made by the Client.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The Representative provides services to the Client on behalf of the Client and at the expense of the Client aimed at providing the Service to the Client by the Executor.

2.2. Within the framework of this agreement, the Representative makes reservation services for the Client, prepays the Services at the expense of the Client, presents to the Client the necessary documents and information necessary for obtaining the Service.

2.3. This agreement does not regulate the relationship associated with the provision of services to the Client, which are a tourist product, as defined by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Entering into agreement

3.2. The acceptance of this offer is carried out by the Client, who chose the service of interest, its characteristics and value, by payment of the Services selected by the Client. The acceptance of this offer is recognized as a complete and unconditional acceptance of the conditions of this offer.

3.3. Appendix to the Agreement, containing all the characteristics of the Service and forming an integral part of the Agreement, is delivered to the Client via email.

3.4. From the moment of acceptance of this offer, the Representative is recognized as duly authorized to perform transactions on behalf of the Client or the persons specified by the Client, aimed at obtaining the Service or such persons for the Client, including the order of the Service from the Executor and the preliminary payment for the Service.

3.5. The rights and obligations to the Executor resulting from the actions of the Representative aimed at obtaining the Services for the Client arise directly for the Client. Executor's services booked by the Representative are regulated by the rules and tariffs established by the Executor.

4. Order

4.1. The request for reservation of the Services is made by the Client independently on the Representative's Website or through email request.

4.2. It is the Client’s responsibility to read and understand the conditions of service provision. In the event that the Client does not understand any of the terms of the Order, including the conditions for refusing the services, making any changes to the Order, the Client must specify the necessary information by contacting the Representative.

4.3. After confirmation by the Representative of the capability to provide the Service to the Client and the Client's payment for the Service, the Representative shall create an electronic document confirming the Client's right to receive the Service on the terms chosen by the Client and send it to the Client's e-mail address.

4.4. All conditions of the Order, including making any changes to the issued Orders, refusal of the reserved Services, as well as other terms of the Services are regulated by the rules of the relevant Executor, the current legislation of the Russian Federation, applicable international standards. The Client shall independently obtain information on the procedure for rendering the Services by the Contractor, the procedure and conditions for refusing the Service, changing the parameters of the provision of the Service.

4.5. If the Client does not arrive to obtain the Service specified, and in the case of the Client's arrival at a later date than specified in the Order, without prior notice to the Representative, the Representative has the right to cancel the reservation by imposing penalties in accordance with the rules on the late cancellation of the reservation.

5. Payment

5.1. The cost of the Order is indicated on the Site and can be changed unilaterally by the relevant Executor. The cost of the Order includes the cost of the Service as well as the remuneration of the Representative for rendering services under this Agreement.

5.2. The Client makes the cashless payment in one of the ways described on the Representative's Website.

5.3. The deadline for the payment of the Order shall be indicated in the service letter sent via email by the Representative to the Client with the status of the Order. In case the Representative does not receive the payment from the Client within the specified period, the Order is automatically canceled.

6. Changing and canceling an order.

6.1. The Client has the right to change or cancel the Order as described in this article, to receive a refund of money for a service not actually rendered. All conditions of the Order, including: making any changes to the Order, refusal of services, as well as other conditions for the provision of services are regulated by the rules and tariff for this service established by the respective Executor. The Client makes any changes to the Order through the Representative. In the event of the cancellation of the Order by the Client through the Executor directly without first contacting the Representative, the money paid for the Service to the Representative is not refundable.

6.2. Significant changes to the Order conditions are only allowed by issuing a new Order and canceling the previous one.

6.3. The Client has the right to cancel the Order by sending a notice to the Representative via e-mail address, and before the moment when the Executor of the Service foresees the penalty for cancellation of the Order, it is possible to cancel the order in person office or by phone.

6.4. An order is considered canceled after its status has been changed to "Canceled" and the respective letter to the Client.

6.5. Information on the procedure for changing and canceling the Order, as well as the conditions for the application of penalties, are provided to the Client upon booking.

6.6. Refund of money to the Client for the paid Service is carried out in the event that the Executor's rules stipulate the return of money paid for the Service in the event that such Service is provided in a volume that is less than was provided for in the order. The return of funds to the Client, in this case, is carried out within the limits of the funds subject to return according to the rules of the Executor. In order to make a refund of funds, the Client is obliged to provide the Representative with a relevant application and documents signed by the authorized person of the Executor, confirming the fact that the service was provided in a smaller volume than was provided for by the Order. These documents must be provided within a period not later than 14 calendar days from the end of the provision of the Service. Applications for the return of the cost of services not rendered, arriving later than this period, are not subject to consideration by the Representative. In the absence of the document provided by the Client and the impossibility of providing such document, the Representative uses the information provided by the Executor on the status of the order and the volume of services actually received.

6.7. The Representative has the right to withhold up to 5% of the order amount from the money returned to the Client for cancellation of the reservation as compensation for expenses incurred by the Representative for the processing of payments and bank charges

.7. Responsibilities of the Parties.

7.1. All offers, prices, and terms of sale can be: changed without notice to the Client, limited in time, availability of the places and terms of the preliminary order, the dates of rendering the Services, the terms of the minimum or maximum stay at the place of destination, the factors of the holidays, seasonal price fluctuations , waiting lists, as well as strikes and temporary inoperability of booking systems and / or subject to other changes, conditions and restrictions.

7.2. The Representative is not liable for the negative consequences and losses incurred as a result of events and circumstances beyond his competence, as well as for acts (inaction) of third parties, including but not limited to: in the event that it is impossible to fulfill the obligations assumed, due to unreliability, inaccuracy and untimeliness of the information and documents provided by the Client, or violation by the Client of the terms of this Agreement or the requirements for documents; due to restriction of the Client's right to leave the Russian Federation by the competent authorities; for the actions of consulates of foreign states, including for delay, refusal or change in the terms of issuing entry visas; for the consequences of violation by the Client of customs and border formalities, travel and baggage regulations, as well as violations of special rules of conduct in the country of temporary residence and in the accommodation premises; for the absence of the Client's documents for residence issued to him by the Contractor; for non-appearance or late arrival of the Client for receiving the ordered Service; for non-compliance by the Client with the rules established by the Contractor; for the authenticity and correctness of the execution of the Client's documents and other persons specified in the Order (reliability of the information contained therein).

7.3. The parties are exempted from responsibility for improper performance or failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances; such circumstances include: fire, epidemic, earthquake, terrorist act, flood, hurricane, storm, tsunami, landslide, other natural disasters and cataclysms, military actions of any kind, strikes, imposition of emergency or martial law, embargoes, changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation or the host country or transit, actions of customs and sanitary control, the cancellation of bus, ferry and other transport services, taxi routes, traffic on the roads, the issuance of regulatory acts by the authorities that caused the inability of the Parties to fulfill their obligations and other circumstances which the parties can not influence and prevent.

7.4. In the event specified in paragraph 7.3. of this agreement, the Party for which the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations under this contract has arisen is obliged to immediately notify the other Party. Failure to notify or untimely notice of such circumstances deprives the Party of the right to refer to these circumstances and does not exempt from liability under this agreement.

8. Other conditions

8.1. By accepting this offer, the Client entitles the Representative to process all his/her personal data by the Representative and third parties in any way, including reproduction, electronic copying, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, and the above processing of other personal data received as a result of their processing. The Client gives consent to the Representative to transfer personal data to the Service Provider or other persons, if there is such a need for the organization of the provision of the Service to the Client. This consent is given for a period of 5 years. This consent may be revoked by delivery of written notification to the Representative. In the event of withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data, the processing of the Client's personal data must be terminated by the Representative and / or third parties and the data destroyed subject to performance or termination of all obligations of the Parties to each other and full repayment of the debt under the Contract within a period of not less than 1 (one) year from the date of notification of withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data.

8.2. All information exchange between the Parties regarding the Order and fulfillment other obligations under this agreement is effected via e-mail indicated by the Client upon placing the order. The Client is responsible for monitoring of the status of the Order on a regular basis, up to the moment of the beginning of the provision of the Service, including checking his/her e-mail for information about possible changes, and if necessary, contacting the Executor.

8.3. The Client agrees to his/her reviews posted on the website, social media and other relevant internet resources.

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