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Russia is calling

The spotlight of the coming season is on Russia. This magnificent country is rich not only in the territory and natural resources but also in culture, architecture and natural wonders. Explore the fairy tale palaces and large art collections in St. Petersburg, share a vodka toast with locals in one of the trendy bars, dance till dawn in Moscow and see Europe merge into Asia on your way along Trans-Siberian.

The best time ever

If you came to visit Russia some 5-7 years ago you might find yourself a little puzzled, Imagine arriving in a country where nobody speaks English, Cyrillic signs look like hieroglyphы and the taxi drivers attack you with service offerings as if they were robbers. Now this is a whole different story. After hosting the World Cup, it is the perfect time to visit: a number of cities have been renovated and tourist facilities upgraded - you will find the city in the best condition ever.  It will also be relatively cheap, activities overpriced for the World Cup are now priced normally, plus rouble dropped twice about 5 years ago and still remains at this level.


… and drink: ) There is much more to it than traditionally known Russian salad and borsch. This place is heaven for meat lovers - it is cooked here in so many ways. Definitely try shashlyk - traditional barbeque, which originally came from the mountain regions of Russia and the former USSR and became the most popular food all over the country. Also check out the variety of soups, which are not an appetizer as in most countries, but a meal itself - most of them are cooked with either meat or fish, so are quite heavy. Pastries are delicious and served with various toppings: meat, fish, potatoes, eggs, apples, berries and so on. The best part is that comprising so many cultures, Russia comprises just as many cuisines of east and west. Vodka, the most famous Russian dring, is served everywhere and can come aa dinner or a party.


Churches are a must-see for every Russia visitor, starting from St.Vasil’s cathedral, looking like an ice-cream sundae and tremendous Isaakievskiy cathedral to the beautiful white mosque in Kazan and some smaller Buddhist temples.  While Russia embraces all religions, the official is Orthodox and you will find a lot of historic Orthodox churches here, especially if you go Vladimir and Suzdal, which are popular tourist cities.


Love the landscapes, love the architecture, love fancy ballet nights, love outrageous parties. In this vast country, there is so much to fall in love with! Explore the museums with enormous collections of arts, historic artifacts, scientific effects and more. Discover the natural beauty of the pearl of Siberia - the crystal clear lake Baikal, magnificent mountains of Altai and volcanos of Kamchatka. Make friends with locals, since Russians, although being somewhat reserved with strangers, are very open and loyal friends. No wonder they say: “From Russia with love!”